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Tips For Choosing the Right Tires!

The whole process of choosing the right tires for your vehicle is highly critical because it touches on your safety as well as driving enjoyment. Since tires can greatly affect the performance, safety and personality of your vehicle, it is important to have it fitted with the right set of wheels. When you are preparing to drive for long distances during summer, always take a few minutes to perform a tire service check. You should also make sure you have a decent spare as well as inflation kit to cover emergency tire problems.

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The following tire safety tips are designed to help you stay safe and enjoy your summer road trip:

Tire pressure

Even though you may check your tire pressure on a regular basis, be sure to check it before heading out on road trip. Under-inflation can cause the tire to fail while over-inflation can cause uneven wear and stopping problems because of poor control. The correct tire pressure information is usually indicated on the sidewalls or on the side of the driver’s door.

Loading the vehicle

When loading your vehicle, always check the recommended vehicle manufacturer loading capacity to ensure you carry only the right amount of load in order to avoid placing too much pressure on your tires.

Tire tread

Check the tread grooves to make sure they do not have any foreign objects embedded in them. This is an important safety precaution which will ensure your wheels have a better grip on the road. Your wheels should also be free of potentially destructive elements such as bulges, cuts and gouges.


Hydroplaning caused by sudden downpours is a common problem in summer. To overcome this problem, ensure your wheels have plenty of tread depth. Worn out tires should be replaced as soon as possible.